Pricing Information

Dealer Trade In - For Vehicles less than 10 years old.

Median value a franchise dealer would pay for the vehicle at auction or when traded in on a similar new vehicle (i.e. 1994 Holden Executive on a new Holden Executive). Trade must be adjusted for kilometres (where applicable) and condition. Please refer to our section below “Guide Condition Defined”.

Personal Buy/Sell – For Vehicles less than 10 years old.

Glass’s Private Buy/Sell price represents an estimated selling price for a car sold by one private individual to another private individual at a given time. Private Buy/Sell prices apply to cars/motorcycles in good overall condition. The car/motorcycle should present itself well no obvious damage to bodywork. Tyres and mechanical parts should all be in good condition. All equipment should be fully operational. In the case of cars the Private Buy/Sell price must be adjusted for kilometres (where applicable) and condition.

Dealer Retail – For Vehicle less than 10 years old.

Median value, including GST achieved by a franchise dealer (e.g. Holden dealer would achieve for a Holden) for a vehicle in Guide Condition and average km’s. Please refer to our section “Guide Condition Defined”.

Below Average – For Vehicles more than 10 years old.

Applies to a fair or below average condition vehicle that is mechanically worn with a poor interior and exterior but is complete, running and registered without evidence of serious accident damage. The vehicle may have travelled higher than average kilometres/mileage.

Average – For vehicles more than 10 years old.

Applies to an average condition vehicle that is in original, but not perfect condition throughout. It should be registered and not require any major expenditure. No rust or serious accident damage should be evident. The vehicle should have travelled no less than average kilometres/mileage (where applicable).

Above Average – For vehicles more than 10 years old.

Applies to a good or above average condition vehicle. It should have either low kilometres/mileage or have been restored to good condition. While it will fall short of showroom condition, there should be no evidence of any accident damage or rust.

Note on older vehicles (i.e. vehicles over 10 years): As older vehicles change hands privately, all values apply to the open market. If the vehicle is sold through a dealer and carries a warranty then values should be adjusted accordingly.

The published values are the opinion of Glass’s Guide and are arrived at after careful study of information deemed to be reliable. We assume no responsibility for errors or omissions.

Due allowance should be made to values for optional equipment.

The values listed do not apply to any particular vehicle or transaction and therefore are not claimed to be final or absolute.

Guide Condition Defined

  • Engine: Operating efficiently and showing no abnormality regarding oil or fuel consumption, compression or engine bearing wear. Exhaust system free from cracks and leakages.
  • Cooling System: Operating efficiently.
  • Integral Construction Members: Free from cracks, other serious defects and repaired fractures; also free from distortion, looseness of any joints or excessive rust.
  • Transmission: Operating efficiently with no abnormal play or noise; free from oil leakages. Clutch or torque converter efficient in all respects, and not requiring immediate replacement.
  • Suspension and shock absorbers: Sound and operating efficiently.
  • Steering: Operating efficiently. Wheels correctly aligned, joints and bearings free from abnormal play.
  • Brakes: Efficient in all respects and not requiring to be relined or replaced immediately.
  • Tyres: Sound and having a legal level of tread and complying with State roadworthy regulations.
  • Electric & Hydraulic Equipment: Alternator, starter, ignition, lighting, control gear and other electric or hydraulic equipment functioning efficiently; battery able to hold charge; wiring and connections in good order.
  • Bodywork: Sound and reasonably well maintained; free from dents or with any damage repaired. Paintwork polished. Doors, windows, sun roof, hood etc. operating correctly.
  • Upholstery: Reasonably well maintained and free from unsightly repairs, tears, stains and burns.
  • Registration: Complying with roadworthy requirements in all respects and carrying approximately six months registration on average.
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